Voters in Birmingham, Ala., picked the son of a black sharecropper to be in a two-way runoff for mayor, while in Raleigh, N.C., 75-year-old Mayor Isabella W. Cannon was unseated by a yound developer.

Dr. Richard Arrington, an educator, led the seven-candidate field in Birmingham's primary election, receiving 44.7 percent of the vote or 30,996 votes.

His opponent in the Oct. 30 runoff was to be either business man Frank Parsons or councilman John Katapodis, but their tallies were so close that no winner could be declared until an official canvass was completed.

In Raleigh, Cannon, a retired librarian and the city's first woman mayor, lost to city councilman and developer G. Smedes York, 38, by a vote of 12,632 to 11,180.

In other voting, Salt Lake City Mayor Ted Wilson and developer Doug Bowers came out on top in a mayoral preliminary and will face each other in November.

In New Bedford, Mass., a former state senator who was paroled in July after serving a 10-month prison sentence topped a field of 14 candidates for a City Council seat. George Rogers, convicted of misusing state funds and conspiracy to bribe and steal, will be among 10 candidates for five at-large seats in November.