Chad Green, 3, a leukemia victim whose parents took him over the border to Mexico to undergo Laetrile treatments, has died two months after chemotherapy was halted, the Green family lawyer said today.

William L. Ginsburg, the Greens' attorney, said Chad had complained of not feeling well Friday and died at the family's Tijuana home at 5:10 p.m. the same day.

There was no physician present when Chad died, Ginsburg siad, adding that the learned of the death today from the boy's father.

Ginsbury said Chad's parents, Gerald and Diane Green, would remain in Mexico for the time being because of possible criminal charges against them in the United States. They violated a Massachusetts court order by taking Chad out of the country for the Laetrile treatments.

Ginsburg siad the parents had originally planned to have Chad's body moved for burial to Nebraska, but would wait pending an autopsy.

"I want a two-way autopsy involving both Mexican and American authorities," Ginsburg said. "If the United States government wishes to be officially involved because of the widespread interest in the case, they will also be asked to participate."

Chad originally had been undergoing chemotherapy as well as Laetrile treatments at the Mexican clinic run by Dr. Ernesto Contreras.

Two months ago, the Greens said bone marrow tests done at the clinic showed Chad had been "cured" of leukemia. They decided to stop the chemotherapy, against the advise of the mexican doctors.