Three civilians were named to El Salvador's new government junta last night, joining the two Army colonels who ousted President Carlos Humberto Romero Monday, Washington Post correspondent Karen DeYoung reported.

Catholic University Rector Roman Mayorga Quiros, 37, businessman Mario Antonio Andino, 43, and center-left politican Guillermo Manuel Ungo, 49, were chosen by the military to represent the civilian majority on the now five-man junta.

In a televised address today, Col. Jamie Abdul Majano asked for public confidence in the armed forces. He said their purpose in mounting a coup against the rightist Romero government was to "establish propitious circumstances to bring about a real, dynamic democracy."

At least six persons were killed today as fighting continued between the military and leftists groups that have denounced the coup as an "armed forces maneuver."

Representatives of the guerrilla People's Revolutionary Army, wearing masks, held a press conference here at the ynational University and pledged to oppose the new government, repeating their call for armed insurrecation.

Speaking with reporters after the government announcement tonight, Majano said that "this kind of violence cannot be ended in the short term. We have to address its causes."

Thus far, little substantive support has been shown for the leftist call for insurrection, and moderates are hoping that backing shown the leftists in response to repression under the previous government will dissipate if the new junta moves quickly toward reform.

The three junat civilians were chosen today following discussions yesterday with the military, which asked various groups to suggest representatives.

Ungo, who heads the small center-left National Revolutionary Movement, said he was representing a group of 14 labor and political organizations.The group, called the "National Forum", had joined last summer to present a common front against the Romero government. Andino heads a local electrical engineering firm, in which a number of U.S. and European companies hold interest. Mayorga, an engineer who is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is known as an able administrator.