Lillian Carter helped the Los Angeles gay community raise $120,000 at a Beverly Hills dinner tonight, but she indicated she may not have known whom she was helping.

The president's mother arrived shortly after 8 p.m. for a $150-a-plate dinner for the Gay Community Services Center.

When the Southern Baptist was asked whether she was embarrassed by being involved in a fund-raising event for the gay community, she said, "No, not at all. Is that what it is?"

Mrs. Carter was the star attraction among some of the region's top politicians, including Gov. Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr., who helped draw a sellout crowd of 850 to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Brown said, he was fully supportive of gay right. "We're destroying the old stereotypes and entering an age when people are more tolerant. America was founded on the concept of individual freedom," he said.

Brown said the gay community is a "significant element of the community. It reflects every level of political, social, economic and cultural attainment. The fact that the mayor and the city attorney and the governor are here just reflects that."

The Rev. Troy Perry, referring to the long list of politicians who attended the diner, said, "ten years ago people wouldn't give us the time of day. Now they all want us to support them.