In a vote viewed as both a demonstation of Chile's diplomatic isolation and an effort at supporting Bolivia's nascent democratic rule, the Organization of American States approved 25 to 0 a resolution backing "a sovereign and useful access to the Pacific Ocean" for landlocked Bolivia.

Chile's ambassador to the OAS, Pedro Daza called the resolution "unacceptable" and walked out before the vote. He also warned that his colleagues were "opening a Pandora's box" because most other member nations have border disputes as well.

In the War of the Pacific 100 years ago, Chile seized Bolivia's maritime provinces and all subsequent governments in La Paz have sought to recover this outlet to the sea.

The OAS General Assembly also received the annual report of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission. It cited the "particularly grave aspect" of the children of thousands of persons believed to have been kidnaped by government agents being placed in institutions or put up for adoption instead of being turned over to relatives.

Commission Chairman Andres Aguilar of Venezuela also urged the nations to apply pressure for an accounting of the missing persons.

"We can't just forget about them," he said. "Where are they?"