Chairman Hua Guofeng returned to China after a four-nation Western European tour, officially described here as a great success.

The New China News Agency said Hua had been able to explain Peking's foreign policy in depth to Western leaders, and had opened the way to greater trade and economic cooperation.

In another development, an American woman accused of being a "suspected spy" during the Cultural Revolution has been rehabilitated and elevated to the post of professor, the Guang Ming newspaper reported.

The woman is Shirley Wood, who came to China in 1946 after marrying a Chinese student in the United States. She took out Chinese citizen ship in 1974.

Wood said she had been apart from her husband for 15 years because he worked in a different city and she asked that the charge of being a "suspected spy" be publicly removed.

A reply from the paper's editorial board to Wood's letter said that after referring her case to the authorities, she had been promoted to professor of English at a teacher's university and that steps were being taken to reunite her with her husband.

The paper also said she is expected to be allowed to visit relatives in the United States next month.