Col. Alberto Natusch Busch resigned as president yesterday, and Congress unanimously elected Congresswoman Lidia Gueiler as interim president.

Natusch seized power two weeks ago from Bolivia's first democratically elected president in a decade, Walter Guevara Arze.

Natusch's troops had multiplied popular opposition to his rule by their bloddy repression of civilians who took to the streets in protest against the Nov. 1 coup that brought him to power. [Text omitted from source] from the Carter administration which earlier had cited Bolivia's return to civil rule as a model for other military governments in Latin America.

Gueiler, 51, is the first woman to become president of Bolivia and the second woman president of a country in this hemisphere. She is to serve pending new elections set for May 4.

A member of Congress for more than 20 years and president of the legislature during the current session, she was a staunch opponent of the series of military governments that ruled for a decade.

She is a member of a socialist-leaning party and was elected the first woman member of the Congress in 1956.

The Western Hemisphere's first woman president was Isabel Peron of Argentina in 1974. She was ousted by a coup in 1976.

A U.S. State Department spokesman, expressing support for the latest moves, indicated that suspension of aid would be reconsidered promptly.