Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm said contingency plans have been drawn up to deal with any anti-Iranian mob action in the state, evidently the scene of the first U.S. fatality associated with such violence.

Lamm said the act of one angry American, even if his anger was justified, could provoke further violence against the American hostages held since Nov. 4 by Iranian militants in the U.S. embassy in Tehran. The governor would not disclose specifics of the contingency plans.

An Iranian student at Arapahoe Community College has been charged with the fatal shooting of a Denver Youth who threw a bottle through his apartment window.

Within an hour of the governor's news conference, about a dozen pro-Iran protesters demonstrated outside a Glendale, Colo., nightclub which advertised on its marquee no Iranians would be served until all American hostages were freed.

In Morgantown, W.Va., an Iranian student at Fairmont State College who was severely beaten in a skirmish between several Iranian and American students says he was caught in the middle of a bad situation he had no control over. "I am not a political person -- I am a quiet person," said the hospital patient, being treated for internal bleeding, a broken nose and broke bones in the head. The senior electrical engineering major is to undergo an operation to repair the damage.