China charged today that Vietnamese troops intruded "deep into Chinese territory" and said the incursion earlier this month resulted in heavy loss of life. The Chinese Foreign Ministry sent the protest note this morning to the Vietnamese Embassy in Peking, the official New China news agency said in a dispatch reported by United Press International.

The protest came in the same week that the two countries were expected to resume their drawn-out peace talks in the Chinese capital.

The protest said Vietnamese forces shelled and machine-gunned a commune in Maguan County in China's Yunnan Province.

The initial early morning bombardment on Nov. 4 destroyed houses and killed an dwounded "a number of Chinese inhabitants."

Then about 100 Vietnamese troops "penetrated deep into the Chinese territory, attacked Chinese frontier outposts, opened fire wantonly on Chinese inhabitants in the border area, and seized large quantities of their property," the note said.

"The acts of aggression of Vietnamese troops have caused heavy losses in life and property to the local inhabitants," it said.

The Foreign Ministry called its note "a strong protest" and demanded that the Vietnamese "immediately stop all its violations of and provocations against China's territorial integrity."