A man demanding to see his girlfriend and a woman who complained she had not been able to find a job held five persons hostage at gunpoint for several hours in separate incidents in Kentucky and Alabama.

Both surrendered and no one was injured in either incident, authorities said.

In Tennessee, meanwhile, police said a man armed with a deer rifle held a teacher at the Knoxville Business College hostage briefly. It was the second time this fall that the man had taken over a classroom at the school.

Police in Florence, Ky., said a man identified as Joseph Blair, 23, of Clarksville, Ohio, held two male warehouse employes at the Levi Strauss Co. regional distribution center. He released them and surrendered after authorities agreed to several demands. Two women who had been taken hostage were released earlier.

The police said Blair was armed with a shotgun and demanded to see his girlfriend. The girlfriend, along with her mother and Blair's sister, went to the warehouse to talk to him.

Authorities in Jackson, Ala., said a woman took three employes of a state employment office hostage at gunpoint. Jesse Burrell, who escaped from the office where the three were being held, said the woman, identified as Emily Curtis, pulled a .38 caliber revolver and ordered him to tie up the three employes. He escaped through a bathroom.

She agreed to release her hostages after a couple of hours and surrendered.