A paragraph was dropped from a story in yesterday's Post on the SALT II treaty. The paragraph said:

A triumphal ending to the Iran crisis for President Carter could dramatically improve SALT's prospects in the Senate, according to both Senate and administration sources. One senator suggested that Iran could even "save SALT," provided it ends well for Carter.

The Washington Post yesterday erroneously reported that the Public Citizen Health Research Group said doctors should know that seven manufacturers have had high recalls rates for faulty intraocular lenses -- lenses implanted in cataract victims.

The health Group actually said that consumers and doctors should know the names of the seven companies making the so-called anterior chamber lens, because it has a higher complication rate than other types, according to the Food and Drug Administration, and provides, on the average, poorer correction than other types of lenses or cataract surgery.

The group listed the seven firms, and the records of some, as: "CILCO Inc. (recall in 1978 for mislabeling), Intermedics (recall in 1978-79 due to a high rate of . . . sterile pus in the front part of the eye), IOLAB (recall in 1978 because of over 100 cases of glaucoma, bleeding in the eye and inflammation . . .), McGhan Medical, Precision Cosmet. Rayner & Keller (imported by Coburn Optical) and Surgidex (recall in 1977 because of over 600 cases of glaucoma, bleeding and inflammation)."

A spokesman for Puerto Rican Gov. Carlos Romeo Barcelo said yesterday that President Carter did not "drop in" on a meeting Thursday between the governor and presidential assistant Stuart Eizenstat, as charged by an aide to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) in yesterday's Washington Post.

A story in yesterday's editions incorrectly described the status of Howard University's new comprehensive exam for its liberal arts college.

The story should have read: "The university, which previously had required that members of the 1980 call pass the test as a condition for graduation, stipulated in court that students in that class who do not make a passing grade on the exam given Friday will still be allowed to graduate. Howevr, beginning with the class of 1981, a passing grade on the exam will be required."

The location for the Inter-American Society's Fall Lecture and Films Series, featuring "Black Orpheus," was listed incorrectly in Thursday's District Weekly, Publick Occurrences. The correct location is Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 8 p.m.

The American University production of "The Prodigious Snob" begins at 8 p.m., not as listed in yesterday's Weekend section. The correct box office number for the Folger Theater is 546-4000; for Washington Ballet, 362-4644.