Two University of Maryland students have been charged with breaking and entering after campus plice caught them taking a copy of a final examination out of a locked office building on the College Park campus, police reported yesterday.

Campus police also charged David Scott Staub, a 22-year-old business major, and Kevin Seubert, 22, a law engorcement major, with trespass and illegal possession of state property. In addition to the exam, the students were also carrying a master key for campus buildings, police said.

The examination concerned a course, known as Health 476 Death Education, designed to explore several aspects of death, from the religious to the emotional to the biological, according to Betty Rybowski, a graduate student who assisted in teaching the course.

Tybowski said yesterday that Staub, one of 250 students in the class, was having difficulty and was "under a lot of pressure."

Police say that at about 6:45 a.m. on Dec. 4 Staub and Seubert used the master key to let themselves into the North Gym. Staub, who refused comment on the case yesterday, told the campus newspaper last week that he wanted to check on his midterm grade in Health 476.

The grade was, he told The Diamondback, "pretty bad." Police said that in the same office where he found his midterm brade, Staub also found a copy of a final examination, which he took.

Campus police, alerted by an off-duty officer who saw the pair enter the building, stopped Staub and Seubert as they left North Gym.

Rybowski said yesterday that the exam they allegedly took was last year's final, not the test to be used in this year's course.

In addition to the criminal charges, the two seniors also face possible disciplinary action from the campus judicial board, but university authorities said yesterday that they would await the outcome of criminal proceedings before reviewing the case.