TRY AS MANY DO to forget that Frank Shaffer-Corona is still an elected official in this city, the voters should know that once again this school board memeber is active on the international scene -- not on another junket, but on a startling mission to the Iranian Embassy. On Board of Education letterhead comes a press releae from "the first and only elected Chicano statewide public official on the East Coast," reporting that he has appealed to Iranian officials for the release of Marine Cp. William Gallegos and "any OTHER chicano, Puerto Rican or American Indian detainees . . . on the same basis as the earlier release of the blacks and women from the American Embassy."

That's not all, if you can stand it: citing the "many injustices and oppressions suffered by the Chicano and Latino populations in this country," Mr. Shaffer-Corona says he "and other Chicano leaders feel that these captives should be accorded the same treatment as blacks." His unsolicited testomonial also informed the Iranian officials that "Chicanos are Mexicans who have lived under the yoke of U.S. imperial aggression and occupation since the land was stolen from Mexico in 1836 and 1846. For 200 years the Latin American countries have experienced the same kind of U.S. domination and control that Iran experienced between 1953 and 1979. As fellow victims of U.S. greed and racism, Iran and the Latino community must learn more about one another and stand together."

These communications, according to Mr. Shaffer-Corona, were "favorably received by the Iranian Embassy officials . . ." How comforting this must be to the families of those hostages who do not qualify for Mr. Shaffer-Corona's international blood test. To grandstand like this when American lives are at stake is beyond the pale.