A vagabond Mexican boy, whose background is as twisted as the journey he made across America to Canada, was on his way home today, courtesy of a one-way airplane ticket from Detroit immigration officials.

The wily traveler, whose announced name, age and destination changed according to his mood, was put on a plane in Detroit bound for Dallas after he told immigration officials that he wanted to go home to Lerdo, a small twon in Durango, Mexico.

A special Immigration and Naturalization Service bus was to meet the boy in Dallas and take him to Brownsville, Tex., on the Mexican border. Officials of the Mexican consulate promised to meet the boy and escort him across the border. The boy was given $8 for a bus trip to Lerdo.

"We did not deport him," said Ronald A. Brooks, INS deputy district director in Detroit. "It was simply a matter of him signing a voluntary statement that he wanted to go home and that he was a Mexican national."

The boy was brought to the immigration office after he ran away from a Children's Aid Society home outside Windsor, Ontario, Tuesday night, walked from the border town across the Ambassador Bridge, and showed up Wednesday at the downtown Detroit Greyhound bus station.

"He came in and told one of our officers that his name was Gilberto Sanchez Orellana, that he was 15, that he was from a small town in Durango, and that he wanted to go home," Brooks said. The boy first told police that his last name was Sanchez and that he was 13.