Snow fell continuously in most of the Washington area for a second day yesterday, piling 5 to 10 inches high and leaving many roads dangerously slushy or icy.

Today should be sunny and beautiful with a high around 35, and skies should also be clear Monday when people return to work, according to weather forecasters.

But roads will continue to be dangerous and in some outlying areas impassable, particularly where the snow has melted on them and then frozen into ice.

Roads remained clear in most of the District of Columbia yesterday, but secondary roads in the Washington suburbs may not be cleared until today.

The snow stopped at Baltimore and at Dulles Airport about 7 p.m. and about an hour later at National Airport. The final readings were five inches at Baltimore, seven at National and eight at Dulles.

The snow or slush or mush was greeted by area residents with a charactertic mixture of delight and annoyance.

In Baltimore County, a 68-year old man allegedly oppened fire with a 22-caliber pistol and killed one youth and wounded another after the youths threw snowballs at his house, according to police.

Washingtin Gas Light Co. spokesman. Paul Young said there was a tendency yesterday for some people to turn up their thermostats when it was not really necessary because they had an impression of blizzard conditions.

"It's psychological," he said.

In Alexandria, 25-year-old-Michael Kinsale a native of Puerto Rico, saw the first snowflake of his life, was assaulted by children with slush balls on the way to his car and finally handed a $35 ticket for not having snow tires or chains by a policeman whom he had blithely hailed for aid in extricating the car from a snowbank.

"I really don't believe this," Kinsale said.

Marc Byrnes a 32-year-old Arlington insurance salesman who was born in Maine, was walking around with a pair of cross-country skis on his shoulder and looking for a place to ski.

"This isn't snow, this is just mush," he lamented.

There were hundred of fender-benders yesterday. And one person was killed and five other injured when a car skidded out of control on snowy Interstate 495 near Laurel, Md., and collided with a van.

A U.S. Park Police dispatcher was pleased that "most of these bozos (drivers) are staying home." He said traffic on the George Washington Parkway was less than half normal for a Saturday afternoon.

Kids in the hills above the parkway bombared cars below with snowballs.

Snow removal crews at National and Dulles airports worked furiously, and there were only a few flights delayed because of the snow.

Keith Meurlin, chief of airport operations at Dulles, said there were about 30 pieces of snow removal equipment on the Dulles Access Road and the three major runways, including six Oshkosh plows with 28-foot blades.

According to the National Weather Service, snowfall was about the same in the Virginia and the Maryland counties surroundng Washington, although snowfalls were generally heavier farther to the south.

Trailways reported 1 1/2 hour delays on buses coming into Washington from the south and only 15-minute delays for buses coming in from the north.

Monday should be clear with highs around 40 in the area, according to Accu-Weather, a private Pennsylvania weather firm, that does work for several of the local governments here. Temperatures are expected to drop again Tuesday.

The snowstorm that hit here yesterday and Friday also touched most of the rest of the East Coast, dropping 3 inches in the New York City area, and causing delays of up to an hour in flights leaving LaGuaardia airport.

The snow that hit several states in the Northeast and New England was good news for ski resorts in the region, which have been depending heavily on machine-made snow so far this virtually snowless season.

Snow accumulations of 5 to 8 inches wre being awaited at Lake Placid in northern New York state, the so-far snowless site of the winter Olympics.

A spokesman for the Lake Placid Loympic Organizing Committee said the ski trails there were carefully groomed during the summer so that they need only 3 or 4 inches of snow to be useable.