IBEX Codename for CIA-managed secret, supersophisticated electronic ground and airborne intelligence-gathering system. Criticized as 'straight electronics boondoggle' by one Pentagon reviewer. CIA officials refuse to comment on status. Supposedly aimed at all Iran neighbors including Iraq, Soviet Union, Turkey and Afghanistan. ESTIMATED COST: $500 million or more. COMPANIES: Rockwell International, Watkins-Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, E-Systems, Itek. STATUS: Unknown, though project never was far enough along to go operational. SEEK SENTRY Computerized air defense system calling for almost 40 radars, designed for Iran, to be placed on ground and mountain-tops to survey air space all round the country. Late in game, it was to include $120 million-plus AWACS airborne radar systems mounted on Boeing 707s. ESTIMATED COST: From several billion to $15 billion, depending on who is speaking -- a proponent or critic. COMPAINIES: Westing-house, Hughes, Texas Instruments, Boeing. STATUS: Went into bids for development of hardware phase only. CHAH BAHAR Fishing village in southern Iran that was to be transformed into the shah's 'blue water' Iranian navy port on Indian Ocean. Plans called for it to handle U.S. aircraft carrier task force; also to have drydock, shipyard facilities and associated air force base. ESTIMATED COST: $8 billion. COMPANIES: Brown & Root and more than 1,000 others. STATUS: Estimated $350 million spent before project canceled; site reverting to fishing. PEACE LOG Automated logistics program to track maintenance and space parts of sophisticated fighter aircraft in Iranian air force. ESTIMATED COST: At least $350 million. COMPANY: Lockheed Aircraft Corp. STATUS: Put into operation but current status unknown. F14 Most advanced Navy-fighter interceptor in U.S. arsenal. Carries highly sophisticated radar-controlled Phoenix missile that supposedly can hit an enemy plane hundreds of miles away. ESTIMATED COST: $2.3 billion for 80 planes and spare parts as of 1976. COMPANY: Grumman Corp. STATUS: All 80 delivered; 2 F14s have been wrecked in Iran accidents. One at Grumman Corp. on Long Island, N.Y., for repair. 77 are in Iran. All grounded. F16 Advanced, long-range, lightweight fighter-bomber designed to succeed McDonnell Douglas F4. ESTIMATED COST: $3.6 billion to purchase force of 160 aircraft. COMPANY: General Dynamics. STATUS: Only 55 paid for by Iran and in production -- now purchased by Israel. Remaining planes in the order have been canceled. SPRUANCE CLASS 993 Sophisticated destroyers with automated air defense radar system far more advanced than that installed in similar U.S. Navy versions. ESTIMATED COST: $2 billion in 1975 for six; reduced to $1.5 billion for four ships in 1976. COMPANY: Litton Industries. STATUS: Procurement switched to U.S. Navy. SEEK SWITCH Automated upgrading of Iran's national radio and telephone communications systems; to be an expansion of the old Peace Crown military system whose costs had reached almost $200 million and were growing. ESTIMATED COST: Several billion dollars. COMPANY: American Telephone & Telegraph subsidiary. STATUS: Planning stages only. HELICOPTERS Complex series of commercial and government deals to provide shah's army with more than 1,000 helicopters, to be purchased from U.S. and others and coproduced in Iran. Also included pilot training and maintenance. oPurpose was to allow the shah to keep army relatively small yet have flexibility to move quickly to any part for Iran. ESTIMATED COST: Over $1.8 billion. COMPANY: Bell Helicopter (subsidiary of Textron). STATUS: Helicopters built and delivered; training and maintenance not fully completed.