Americans for Democratic Action, the liberal organization that has endorsed Sen. Edward M. Kennedy for the Democratic presidential nomination, yesterday assailed President Carter's record as a trail of "abandoned or reversed . . . campaign promises."

Former representative Patsy T. Mink, ADA's national chairperson, told a news conference that Carter had failed "to adhere to the basic tenets of the Democratic Party's platform" in both domestic and foreign affairs.

In battling inflation, the ADA statement charged, Carter has adopted budgetary and monetary policies "indistinguishable from those of Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon."

The organization, which claims 55,000 members, said Carter had broken a campaign promise to oppose decontrol of oil and natural gas -- a decision that it said "will cost American consumers close to a trillion dollars over the next decade."

On the international scene, ADA claimed that the delays in negotiation of the strategic arms limitation treaty with Russia and the indefinite postponement of its Senate consideration were the result of "the Carter administration's self-inflicted wounds."

It blamed the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran on Carter's decision to admit the former shah of Iran to the United States for medical treatment.

Despite the harshness of the indictment, Mink declined to rule out the possibility that ADA might support Carter in the general election if he is the Democratic nominee. She said that "as of now, I see no Republican we would support."

White House press secretary Jody Powell responded to the ADA criticism by calling it "shrill and irresponsible. It is sad," he said, "that an organization which began years ago with such high hopes and ideals has become little more than an arm of the Kennedy campaign."