Two senior Soviet officers training the Syrian armed forces were killed Tuesday in central Syria by members of the Moslem Brotherhood, the official Syrian news agency SANA said yesterday.

The two, Lt. Col. Barsil Sozlie, a pilot, and Major Victor Yodrizenko, an engineer, died of gunshot wounds after being ambushed in Hama by "a number of Moslem brothers," the agency said.

A surveyor, Peter Zabolomel, working at the headquarters of a railroad agency, was attacked Wednesday in the northern city of Aleppo, SANA said. Zabolomel was wounded when fired on by a member of the Moslem Brotherhood, who was later arrested, the agency added.

The police also arrested 16 members of the Brotherhood in Aleppo after a shootout in which two Brotherhood members were killed. SANA called the attacks a "disgraceful crime" carried out "in implementation of the Israeli-American plot against our people and country."

The government of President Hafez Assad has blamed previous killings in Syria on the Moslem Brotherhood, a loose grouping of extremists across the Arab world. The Brotherhood was held responsible for the massacre of 50 army cadets in Aleppo last June.

Sources in Beirut say the organization's goal is to topple Syria's socialist leadership, which is drawn mainly from the minority Alawite Moslem sect, and to install a rightist military government more representative of the Sunni Moslem minority.