The troubled Immigration and Naturalization Service is about to be studied again.

Attorney General Benjamin R. Civiletti announced yesterday that a management study of INS will be conducted immediately by a team headed by John Kratzke, an information systems expert from the Interstate Commerce Commission.

INS has been plagued for years by a blizzard of paper from persons entering and leaving the country. It only began to computerize its files in the past few years. Even that has been criticized in some circles as moving too fast without adequate planning.

For example, the House government information subcommittee has blocked procurement of some computer hardware for INS because of the alleged lack of planning. At the same time, the Judiciary subcommittee on immigration is urging more spending in the computerization field.

Leonel Castillo, the Carter administration's INS head until he resigned last fall, pushed hard for rapid introduction of new automated record processing.

In making the announcement yesterday, Civiletti said the first six months of the program will concentrate on looking at information systems and automation. Civiletti said the need for the study was "critical" and is one of his priority concerns in the department.

A Civiletti aide said the new management study is the first of several steps the department will take to improve the beleagured immigration agency.