FBI agents and local police seeking evidence in a prostitution-related investigation yesterday raided two locations in Alexandria and Washington they said housed telephone banks serving about 10 outcall massage operations.

The massage operations were allegedly once owned by Louis Michael Parrish, a massage parlor operator convicted in federal court in Alexandria last March of operating a major Washington-area prostitution ring, sources said.

Yesterday's raids were carried out on the second floor of a two-story, pale green brick building at 1928 Duke St. in Alexandria and in the basement of a red brick, three-story building at 31oA Sixth St. SE on Capitol Hill.

The massage operations that the FBI said were listed in the Yellow Pages and serviced through the raided premises included Aquarius; Dial-Us; Hope 710; Foxy Lady; Lady Godiva; Towers of Tranquility; The House of the Rising Sun; Oui, and Circus Maximus.

According to the FBI, the services were operated by Barry William Sheehan, a former Northern Virginia resident now living in Orlando, Fla., and by Jerry Evans of 1803 Hylton Ave., Woodbridge. A search warrant was executed at the Hylton Avenue address, the FBI said.

The FBI said authorities expected to seize evidence that would be forwarded to the U.S. attorney for Virginia's eastern district in connection with an investigation of possible interstate transportation in aid of racketeering for the purpose of prostitution.

Capt. Larry W. Brohard of the Alexandria police said yesterday's raids followed more than three months of investigations by police. About a dozen Alexandria police joined FBI agents in carrying out the search warrant for the Duke Street address.

D.C. police, along with FBI agents, carted two boxes and two bags from the Capitol Hill location about 5:20 p.m. yesterday.

Parrish, who allegedly sold the massage operations to Evans and Sheehan, was not involved in them, according to sources. He is currently appealing his conviction.