A hand grenade was thrown against the home of Robert Mugabe in an apparent assassination attempt early this morning, but the guerrilla leader escaped unhurt, police said.

An official of Mugabe's political party was seriously injured in a separate incident when rockets were fired into his home in a suburb of Salisbury, the capital of Rhodesia. One of the rockets smashed into the bedroom of Kumbiraye Kangayi, who was Mugabe's candidate for a parliamentary seat in Manicaland.

Police said the grenade attack took place at about 3:15 a.m. local time at Mugabe's house, which the guerrilla leader had purchased only a week ago. It was surrounded with a high security wall.

The grenade landed next to a wall of the house and went off without causing any injuries. Police said a car was seen driving from the scene of the attack, and two men were later arrested.

Meanwhile, the British governor of Rhodesia, Lord Soames, announced yesterday that he has assumed wide new powers in an effort to deal with the rising tide of political violence.

He announced that he had assumed powers to stop candidates in this month's Rhodesian election from campaigning and to ban meetings and even political parties in any of the country's 56 administrative areas.