The Metro Board yesterday officially proposed a 5-cent increase in basic bus fares for Maryland riders, effective June 29, but deferred action on District of Columbia bus fares until the D.C. City Council discusses the issue.

D.C. board members Jerry A. Moore and Douglas Schneider said there is a lack of consensus within the financially pressed D.C. government on whether fares should be raised to reduce the city's required transit subsidy. If D.C. bus fare changes are proposed, those changes will be discussed at public hearings that have been set for late March and early April.

The basic D.C. bus fare of 50 cents for rush hours is three years old; the old.

The board also agreed yesterday to publish for comment three alternative Virginia bus fare proposals and two alternative systemwide subway fare proposals. Both had previously been agreed to in board committee actions and both represent increases for Metroriders.

Thus the board abandoned any attempt to simplify Metro's complicated fare schedules. Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia will go their own ways on bus fares; the subway fare will be standardized by length of trip, but the transfer costs between bus and subway will vary between jurisdictions.

The Maryland bus fare proposed yesterday will increase from 55 to 60 cents during rush hour and from 45 to 50 cents the rest of the time. Bus trips crossing the D.C.-Maryland line would cost $1, up 10 cents.