On the evening of Jan. 7, an 11-month-old infant was found injured and moaning on a grassy plot about 30 feet below the window of an apartment in a building on Chapin Street NW near the 14th Street corridor.

After an investigation, police have arresed the child's 34-year-old grandmother last week and charged her with throwing the baby out the window.

They said Shirley F. Patrick, 34, of 1427 Chapin St., was charged with assault with intent to kill. A grand jury heard testimony in the matter.

Authorities declined to tell where the child, who suffered a broken arm, is now living, but indicated that she has been sent to a foster home.

Authorities said juvenile court papers have been filed against the child's mother, charging her with neglect. They said the mother is 17 years old, and lived on Quincy Street NW.

The baby, dressed only in a T-shirt and a paper diaper, was found about 7 p.m. near the Chapin Street building.

A tenant in the building said several people rushed to the spot where the baby had landed.

"The mother was screaming and hollering, and the grandmother was screaming and hollering" the tenant said.

Four sons of the grandmother also lived in the Chapin Street apartment, police said. After the incident, one of the sons reportedly told an ambulance attendant that the child crawled onto a radiator and then fell from the window. a

Department of Human Resources officials said at the time there had been "evidence of a problem" in the past with the family, and social workers referred the family to a city agency that handles complaints of child abuse and neglect.