No excuses today, no "better than expected" from the also-rans. The results from New Hampshire last night were clear and clear.

Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan won in a walk.

It was an especially sweet victory for Carter, who beat Edward M. Kennedy for the second time in a row in New England. Kennedy's only solace was that he got buried close to home.

But it was the Gipper, old actor Reagan who provided the high drama last night. In a race everyone thought was close, Reagan rewrote the script with a smashing triumph over George Bush, who lost the momentum as quickly as he gained it a month ago.

Everyone else was a disappointment. Howard Baker got less than he did in Iowa. John Anderson failed to beat Baker. Phil Crane and Bob Dole wrote the leads on their own presidential cmapaign obituaries. And John Connally lives only because he's investted his fortune totally in South Carolina's March 8 showdown.

The unofficial delegate count now looks like this: Reagan leds the Republicans with 21, Bush has 20, Baker 6, Anderson 2, Connally 1 and 5 uncommitted. Carter won 10 in New Hampshire last night, Kennedy 9. These counts don't include likely distributions from the Iowa, Maine or Minnnesota caucauses.