Tunisian Premier Hadi Nouira was hospitalized here today with reported "vascular problems" as representatives of the Arab League met in Tunis to discuss the breakdown in relations between Tunisia and Libya.

Nouira, 68, was reportedly not seriously ill, but political observers said his condition raises doubts about the control of the government in Tunis which is run by Nouria and President Habib Bourguiba, 76. Bourguiba's son rushed here with a message for French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing.

Nouira and Bourguiba had seemed to quiet opposition to their rule following a guerrilla attack on the phosphate mining town of Gafsa last month that left 41 people dead and more than 100 wounded. Tunisia accused Libya of masterminding the raid in an effort to topple Bourguiba's rule, but Libya denied the charges.

The raid, however, seems to unite Tunisian opposition groups ranging from Moslem fundamentalists to communists.

At the opening of the extraordinary session of the Arab League, Chedli Klibi, of Tunisia, who is also the League's secretary general, proposed that a special committee be established to mediate disputes between members.

Conference sources said that during private consultations last night, Arab ministers suggested that the two adversaries end their fierce propaganda war and withdraw troops from frontier zones.