Republican presidential candidate George Bush scored a victory in Alexandria yesterday, winning 117 of the 285 delegates the city GOP will send to state conventions this year.

Former California Gov. Ronald Reagan, who carried the state at the party's nominating convention four years ago, came in second with 80 delegates.

The results of the Alexandria Republican Caucus yesterday showed that Bush "is strong in Northern Virginia and that we can make a good fight through the rest of Virginia and the U.S.," said Nancy Gilbert, Bush's Alexandria chairman.

Hunter Hurst, Reagan's Alexandria chairman, disagreed saying, "Northern Virginia is relatively liberal compared to the rest of the state. I don't think this proves anything."

A slate of 213 delegates listed as uncommitted was chosen by a 3-to-2 margin over a slate totally committed to Reagan. The winning slate included all the Bush delegates plus 88 persons who declined to state a preference or support Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee or former Texas Gov. John Connally as well as eight Reagan backers.

The delegates chosen yesterday will join thousands of others at congressional district and state conventions later this year to select the 51 delegates who will represent Virginia at the Republican National Convention.

Yesterday's caucus was the first contested Republican vote in Virginia this year. In uncontested votes elsewhere in the state, Reagan has won 101 delegates so far and Bush 24; one delegate is uncommitted.