Scarsdale diet author Herman Tarnower left $220,000 to the former Madeira School headmistress now charged with his murder, according to the doctor's will, filed yesterday in Westchester County (N.Y.) Surrogate Court.

The will, written seven weeks before Jean Harris allegedly shot, Tarnower March 10 in his Purchase, N.Y., home, also bequeathed $200,000 to the doctor's assistant, Lynn Tryforos.

By law, Harris will inherit nothing if she is convicted in the case.

Tarnower's will distributed about $1.4 million among sisters, nephews, nieces, employes and associates. Only his sister, Pearl Schwartz, was remembered as generously as were Harris and Tryforos.

Harris and Tarnower were romantically involved for almost 12 years, according to friends and neighbors of the doctor. Recently, he had been seeing Tryforos, an assistant at the Scarsdale Medical Center he founded 21 years ago.

On the night of March 10, police called Tarnower's $500,000 mansion found Harris, 56, standing at its entrance and the body of Tarnower, 69, in his upstairs bedroom.

Harris was charged with second-degree murder on Tuesday.

Tarnower's will was dated Jan. 21.

Under the law governing wills, judges invariably exclude from the distribution anyone convicted of responsibility for the death of the will's author. Lawyers knowledgeable in probate said that a second-degree murder conviction would cut Harris off from the will.

In the event, the money bequeathed to her would go to the nieces and nephews specified in Tarnower's will as recipients of any undistributed money.

Tarnower willed money or property to 26 people. Pearl Schwartz, the doctor's sister, received $1,000 plus his home, valued at about $500,000.

Various nieces and nephews received bequests ranging from $20,000 to $40,000, with additional funds provided for the college educations of their children.

Tarnower also left about $30,000 to his chauffeur, similar sums to other household and personal employes, $15,000 to the Westchester Heart Association and $10,000 to the White Plains Hospital.

Under the terms of the 13-page will, Tryforos' two children, Laura and Electra, each would receive $20,000 in a trust fund and money for a college education.

Harris, free on $40,000 bail, faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder.

Harris, who has relinquished her post at Madeira, near McLean, told police that the killing was unintentional, that she had driven from Virginia to have Tarnower kill her and that there was a struggle in which the doctor was shot four times.

Tarnower requested in the will that his remains be cremated and his ashes deposited in a pond on his property in Purchase.

The body was not cremated, however, and the corpse was buried during private services at Mount Hope Cemetery in Ardsley, N.Y.