A high official of El Salvador's embattled coalition government has resigned and left the country, the fifth top official to abandon his post in the last two months.

Deputy Minister of Economics Roberto Solarzano quit Wednesday for "personal and health reasons," according to a Salvadoran official.

In continuing violence that verges on civil war in the Central American country, unidentified gunmen firing from a speeding car on Wednesday shot to death Antonio Velado, 19, the son of opposition journalist Antonio Velado. The elder Velado is president of the journalists' union.

Officials earlier said leftist guerrillas had shot to death 25 peasants in raids on two villages. They added that two more peasants were killed in a third village. According to the government, the victims were accused of being rightist terrorists.

The acting archbishop of San Salvador announced yesterday that a friend of the slain Roman Catholic archbishop Oscar Romero has been appointed by the pope as apostolic administrator of the city. While the Rev. Arturo Rivera y Damas reportedly shared the assassinated bishop's concern for human rights, the apostolic post offers him little chance for initiatives in that field. Some church activists had hoped Rivera would be named archbishop.