A sea-borne Israeli Army force attacked a Palestinian guerrilla base about 10 miles north of Tyre on the Lebanese coast this morning, killing six persons and demolishing two buildings.

Israeli Army spokesmen said the base, one of the largest in central Lebanon, was a rear command head quarters and supply depot for a mechanized battalion of Fatah, the main military wing of the Palestine Liberation Organization.Units of the Gebril and the Palestine Liberation Army are also based there, the Army said.

Two Israeli soldiers were wounded slightly in the surprise attack, which occurred in an area where 1,500 PLO guerrillas and armed leftist supporters are situated, the Army said.

Officials said the base, at the village of Ras el Sheik, is used as a training center for commando groups and as a starting point for raids inside Israel.

The Army did not disclose how large the attacking force was or how long the operation took. It said that the raid was not a direct retaliation for last week's guerrilla attack on the Misgav Am border kibbutz, in which three Israelis and five guerrillas were killed, but was part of a policy of constant pressure on terrorist centers.

The last time an Israeli force demolished buildings at a PLO base was on Aug. 23, when two houses in the village of Barashet were de-houses in the village of Barashet were destroyed. One Israeli officer was killed and two Israeli soldiers wounded.

Following the Misgav Am attack, Israeli mechanized forces established three "defensive" positions in southern Lebanon to cut off infiltration routes, but later withdrew them.