A 25-year-old Korean citizen who was to have left for Seoul Friday when his visa expired, apparently fell to his death that morning from the roof of a 15-story Alexandria apartment building, police said.

Officers said they found the body of Young Kyo Kye outside the Calvert Apartment that he had rented.

"We're listing it as an apparent suicide," said Alexandria detective John Turner. "He apparently jumped from the roof of the Calvert building and there is no reason to believe at this time that anyone else was involved."

A Calvert apartment manager said yesterday he was dumbfounded how the man had managed to get onto the roof. A door to the roof was kept locked at all times, he said.

Turner said that police had found an empty wine bottle, Kye's eyeglasses and cigarette butts on the roof, evidence that Kye had spent some time on the roof before he died.

Pookyo Kye, according to police, said that his brother was suffering from an eye disease and was despondent about having to return to Korea.

Yeonsoo Park, the South Korean Embassy's new consul general, said Kye had been in the United States on a temporary business visa, but had no idea what company he might have been representing.