A Libyan living in Rome and another living near Bonn were shot dead yesterday, bringing to six the number of Libyans assassinated abroad during the past two months.

West German and Italian police said the gunmen in both killing also were Libyans.

The victim in Rome was identified as businessman Adallah Mohamed Kazmi, 37. Police in Bonn said the victim there, unnamed, was a former member of the Libyan Embassy who lived in nearby Cologne. They said the assailant seized by witnesses identified himself as a worker for a Libyan information bureau and said he acted after failing to collect a bad debt.

Italian police said Kazmi was a foe of Libyan leader Muammar Quaddafi. The recent killings also have come in London and Beirut.

Two weeks ago Quaddafi threatened to "physically eliminate" all exiles who did not return home by May 17. In Washington, the United States ordered expulsion of four Libyn diplomats, accusing them of intimidating opponents of Quaddafi. The Four at first refused to leave but on Friday Libya ordered them home.

Kazmi was the third victim in Rome. Police said he recently applied for Italian citizenship. They said he arrived at a hotel for a noon appointment with two Libyans. About 10 minutes after they arrived, one pulled out a pistol and shot him twice in the head. The pair disappeared in the crowd of a nearby station, said police, who rounded up more than 30 foreigners for questioning.