Six Northern Virginia residents have been charged with participating in a scheme to manufacture and distribute the drug PCP, which is also known as "angel dust." Two of the suspects are also charged with obstructing justice by threatening to kill a government witness.

The six are charged in federal indictments made public yesterday.

The two defendants accused of threatening a witness are Carlton W. (Buddy) Dodson Jr., 25, of Manassas Park and Debra G. Gearing of Catherpin.

Dodson allegedly told the witness, Deborah Bennett, he would blow her head off if she cooperated with federal drug agents, according to an affidavit filed by Special Agent Robert A. McCracken of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Bennett, who was indicted on separate federal PCP charges in February, was allowed to plead quilty to the lesser charge of misdemeanor marijuana possession on April 15 in exchange for her help. A few hours after she appeared in U.S. District Court in Alexandria on that date, according to the government, Dodson, Gearing and a third person not named in the indictment confronted her at her job and allegedly threatened her.

Dodson, according to the indictment, employed "countersurveillance" tactics to prevent investigators from uncovering the clandestine PCP operation and "would use any means necessary" to discourage accomplices from cooperating with investigators.

The indictment charges Dodson, Gearing, John W. (Bear) Rhodes IV of Manassas and John (Hoss) Huggard of Fredericksburg with conspiring to manufacture and distribute PCP. The identities of two others charged in the conspiracy count were being withheld yesterday pending their arrest.

Dodson, the only defendant named in all nine counts of the indictment, is also charged with manufacturing and possessing PCP, crossing state lines with intent to distribute the drug and possessing piperidine, a chemical necessary for making PCP.