One of the two persons killed early Sunday in a fire that swept through a Centreville townhouse is believed to be Sandra Franklin, 19, one of the two people who lived there.

Franklin and a 19-year-old boyfriend, with whom she rented the three-bedroom home at 14755 Ealing Ct. were planning to get married this month, according to neighbors.

The fire caused an estimated $85,000 damage to the three-bedroom townhouse and was apparently caused by careless use of smoking materials in the living room, according to fire officials. An adjacent townhouse, occupied by Brian P. Fendrich, had an estimated $1,500 in smoke and fire damage.

Fire officials said they had no evidence that a smoke detector was present in the home at the time of the blaze.

But Karl Muenzenmayer of Annandale, who has owned the brick townhouse for four years, said he installed a smoke detector before the couple rented the house in January and had checked it since then.

According to neighbors, several residents of the neighborhood rushed from door to door in the row of townhouses in an effort to rouse the occupants when the blaze was discovered about 4 a.m. Sunday.