A former U.S. marine has been found guilty in D.C. Supreme Court of raping three women on the Mall between June and September of last year.

Warren Miller, 23, of 5430 Livingston Ter., Oxon Hill, denied in court that he committed the rapes. But he acknowledged in court that he attempted to rob undercover U.S. Park police officer Jacqueline Anderson on the mall last Oct. 7.

Miller was convicted on the rape charges largely on contentions of Assistant U.S. Attorney James Hibey that the same method of assault used in the attack on Anderson was used in the three rapes. In these three instances, Hibey said, the assailant approached the women as if he were trying to rob them, and then raped them.

Miller testified before a jury that he had been drinking the night he attacked Anderson. He said he tried to drive home, but realized he was too intoxicated and should return to the Marine barracks to ask a friend to take him home. Miller said he tried to take Anderson's purse to get money to catch a bus back to the barracks.

Hibey alleged in court that the attempted robbery of Anderson was the beginning of an attempted rape.