Andy Vasquez, Latin, learned today that the riot, for him, will never be over.

Shanreka Perry, black, will find out the same on Wednesday.

Jeffrey Kulp, white, passenger in the car that hit Shanreka, may never know what happened to him.

For Vasquez, a 25-year-old medical student from Tennessee who was visiting relatives in Miami last weekend, the last memory was the crack of the car window's glass as the bullet hit.

The bullet, he learned from the doctor today, tore through the base of his neck, crushed his spinal cord and paralyzed him for life from the neck down.

For Shanreka, an 11-year-old playing in front of her house before dinner Saturday, the last memory was running from the careening car with the shattered windshield.

Her left leg and hip were amputated four hours later.

There was other news at Jackson Memorial Hospital today for the 80 riot victims in intensive care units:

Jeffrey Kulp -- 22, beaten on the head, ear cut off, shot in the back after the 1969 Dodge he was riding in hit Shanreka Perry -- is paralyzed from the waist down, and still unconscious.

Bertha Roger -- 43-year-old restaurant cleaning lady, doused with gasoline, set afire, beaten as she drove home Saturday night -- will begin a long series of operations to remove her burned flesh and graft new skin.

She has an 80 percent chance of living, unless an unexpected infection sets in. Kulp's life is touch and go. Shanreka Perry and Andy Vasquez must start to think about the months of physical therapy ahead.

Kulp and at least six other victims will have permanent brain damage.

The hospital bill for these riot victims will exceed $500,000, Jackson officials estimated today. That does not include doctor bills or rehabilitation costs. County taxpayers will bear much of the cost of treating riot victims at Jackson. Any leftover bills will spread among Jackson's private patients in the form of higher charges.

Andy Vasquez received the news as soon as he could breathe well enough for the respirator tube to be pulled from his throat, allowing him to talk and ask questions.

Dr. Barth Green, the 35-year-old neurosurgeon whom two rioters tried to strangle as he drove to Jackson Saturday night to operate on Vasquez, Kulp and the others, minced no words with Vasquez. Quadriplegic, Green told him.