A Washington lawyer on trial for allegedly committing sodomy with a teen-age boy disclosed yesterday that he does not plan to take the witness stand in his own defense.

Testimony was nearly completed yesterday in the Arlington County Circuit Court trial of Roger H. Moore, 33, the lawyer accused of engaging in several acts of sodomy with a youth whom he represented in juvenile court proceedings in the District of Columbia.

The jury is expected to begin considering its verdict today.

Moore is on trial for incidents which allegedly took place at his Arlington home in March and June of last year. The boy was 16 at the time. a

Thomas J. Harrigan, Moore's attorney, has presented evidence intended to contradict the youth's testimony about the alleged March 19, 1979, incident. This evidence indicates that Moore was in court or performing other court-ordered duties at the time the incident allegedly occurred.

Harrigan has not presented evidence specifically contradicting the boy's account of the second incident that allegedly took place last June 16. He has, however, sought to portray the youth as a juvenile delinquent, mental patient, and perjurer.

Yesterday's proceedings centered largely on separate allegations that Moore engaged in sexual misconduct with another teen-aged boy. Harrigan sought to counter these allegations by producing testimony that Moore was in California, rather than Arlington, when one alleged incident occurred and that he was seriously ill at the time of another alleged incident.