John B. Anderson says efforts by millionaire Stewart Mott to aid his independent presidential campaign "have proven disruptive."

Despite several attempts by Anderson to disavow efforts in his behalf by Mott, the heir to a General Motors fortune has continued to insist on a role in the Rupublican congressman's campaign.

As a result, Anderson wrote a letter to the Federal Election Commission declaring that Mott's efforts are not an "authorized activity" of the Anderson presidential campaign.

"However well-intentioned, Mr. Mott's activities have proven disruptive," Anderson said in a letter released yesterday by campaign officials.

Anderson said he has repeatedly asked Mott to disband the Anderson Boosters Club, Mott's version of a campaign organization.

Most recently, Mott telephoned a Massachusetts newspaper and suggested that Anderson's campaign manager, Michael MacLeod, be fired.

Sources who requested anonymity said Mott has made it clear he should become Anderson's campaign director, although Anderson has never encouraged him to believe that might happen.

Mott has also written a series of memos on how he believes Anderson's campaign should be conducted, and attempted to organize meetings about campaign strategy and invited Anderson staff members to attend.

One person who has visited Mott's New York office says he has set up the equivalent of a small presidential campaign headquarters.