A South African official yesterday announced that 28 persons were killed and 144 were injured in three days of rioting the Cape Town's Colored (mixed race) community, Washington Post correspondent Caryle Murphy reported.

In a press conference, Police Minister Louis Le Grange gave the first official casualty list since the disorder in Colored townships on the Cape peninsula began Sunday night in South Africa's worst outbreak of violence since the 1976 Soweto riots.

Le Grange also said that calm had returned to the Cape although there had been sporadic stone-throwing incidents overnight.

But the South African Press Association reported that violence around Cape Town continued yesterday, with police arresting 40 persons after using tear gas to disperse a crowd of about 350 Colored persons in the township of Ravensmead.

Le Grange also said he was awaiting results of autopsies to determine the causes of death among the casualties.

Meanwhile, the Cape Times newspaper said it would stick by its figure of 42 riot-released deaths. Two other person died and 30 were injured in other parts of the country in similar disturbances this week.

Le Grange also said that "shoot to kill" orders issued to police Wednesday in the name of Police Commissioner General Michael Geldenhuys had been an "unfortunate choice of words" and been immediately withdrawn.