A man scheduled to go on trial this week on incest charges burst into the First Baptist Church during services yesterday, shouted "This is war," and opened fire, killing five people and wounding at least 10 others, police said.

Moments later the man, identified as Alvin Lee King III, 45, dressed in combat gear and wearing a flak jacket, ran to a nearby fire station and shot himself in the head with a .22-caliber pistol, wounding himself critically said Bill Carter, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety.

Daingerfield police said King is a former high school mathematics teacher. Late yesterday afternoon, murder charges were filed against him in connection with the five deaths.

Authorities had no firm motive for the shooting, but said many members of the congregation had refused to appear as character witnesses for King at his upcoming incest trial in connection with a complaint filed by his 21-year-old daughter.

Harold Edwards, a deacon of the congregation who was present during the service for 350 people, said King had asked several members of the church to testify at his trial and all of them had refused.

King's wife, Gretchen, was found yesterday tied to a chair in the couple's home, located about three miles east of Daingerfield. Police said King told them her husband had tied her arms and legs to the chair at about 9 a.m.