The Department of Justice cannot find an elderly man whom it wants to deport on grounds that he helped kill more than 100 Jews and other civilians in Lithuania during World War II.

Allan A. Ryan Jr., director the department's Office of Special Investigations, said today that his staff has been unable to serve Mike Pasker, 79, of Santa Monica, Calif., with papers that will allow the deportation process to proceed.

Police in Santa Monica had been in touch with Pasker's wife until a month go. They said they did not know the couple's whereabouts.

"We have a pretty good idea where he is, Ryan said, but he refused to be specific. Most of Pasker's friends and relatives live in Chicago, said an assistant U.S. attorney.

Pasker became a naturalized citizen in Chicago in 1962, but in August 1979 he consented to a federal court order revoking his citizenship.

Ryan said deportation proceedings cannot begin until Pasker is served with a notice to appear at a hearing before an immigration judge.

The government is accusing Pasker of concealing his wartime Nazi activities when he entered the United States as a displaced person 30 years ago.