The cancer-stricken ousted shah of Iran has developed a leg infection that could become serious because of his weakened general condition, spokesmen for the former monarch said today.

The semiofficial Cairo newspaper Al Ahram described ousted shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's condition as "delicate" and said it was "not a desperate situation, but the doctors are anxious and are taking all precautions."

The paper said the 60-year-old Pahlavi's temperature rose suddenly last night to 102.2 degrees and there "was an indication that there may be another abscess [the leg infection] . . . which may need surgery two weeks ago for an abscess on his pancreas.

Pahlavi spokesman Mark Morse disputed parts of the Al Ahram report, saying his temperature rose no higher than 100.4 degrees and the doctors "are not alarmed."

But in New York, the shah's chief spokesman, Robert Armaor, said he was told by Pahlavi's doctors that in his condition a leg abscess "could be a serious matter." Asked whether the doctors were concerned for Pahlavi's life, Armao said, "At this point, no."

Pahlavi entered the hospital June 27 with a high fever and the pancreas abscess, a result of surgery that removed his cancerous spleen last March in the same hospital.