The editor of Argentina's English-language Buenos Aires Herald said this weekend that he and his family have been subjected to a terrorist-style pressure campaign" and death threats.

Editor James Neilson wrote in an editorial, "It is impossible to say just what our enemies have in mind because they are not the kind of people who dare to show their faces in public."

The previous editor, Robert Cox, left Argentina in December after his 10-year-old son received an anonymous letter saying the family would be killed. 1Cox, like Neilson, had been critical of the arrests without due process and disappearances of thousands of Argentines during the last five years.

Cox, who is in Washington at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said those threatening Neilson "clearly are members of the security forces who are not being controlled by the government although there is no reason why they cannot be."

Neilson said several bombs have been found at the entrance of his apartment building and others have been sent in packages to 18 Herald advertisers - four of whom withdrew their business as a result.

The Herald, with a daily circulation of 17,000, has printed more news on human rights violations than any other publication in the city of 8 million. Human rights groups have tabulated the deaths of 36 journalists since the military takeover in 1976, with another 68 missing and hundreds in exile.