Israel's parliament tonight endorsed by an over-whelming margin a bill reasserting the indivisibility of Jerusalem as the capital and returned the measure to committee for another review.

Prime Minister Menachem Begin, recovering from a mild heart attack that hospitalized him last month, left his home briefly to vote for the bill, whose approval came as the U.N. General Assembly met on a resolution calling on Israel to withdraw from the territories captured in the 1967 war, including East Jerusalem.

The parliamentary vote was 65 to 12 with the opposition Labor alignment leading heavy support even though many opposition members opposed the bill as redundant because of existing measures guaranteeing the sovereign status of Jerusalem. Israel annexed East Jerusalem in 1967.

Some members expressed concern that the vote would exacerbate tensions between Israel and Egypt. Negotiations for proposed Palestinian autonomy are scheduled to begin Aug. 3 in Cario. Ostensibly in reaction to a preliminary vote on the Jerusalem bill in May, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat announced a suspension of the autonomy talks.

Parliament member Geula Cohen of the rightist Tehiya Party, sponsor of the bill, said she would press to have it cleared by the law committee and sent to the floor for two final readings before the parliament recesses for the summer next week.

However, committee chairman David Glass of the National Religious Party has expressed reservations about the bill, and some parliamentary leaders have expressed the hope that the measure will die in the committee.