Virginia supporters of Independent candidate John Anderson announced yesterday that they delivered to the State Board of Elections petitions bearing 25,805 signatures -- more than twice the number needed to have Anderson's name placed on the state's November presidential ballot.

"I have no reason to doubt that with this number of names his (Anderson's) name will be on the ballot," said Elections Board Secretary Joan Mahan after receiving the petitions.

The state board must still decide, however, whether the independent presidential candidate has the right to substitute the name of his final vice-presidential choice for the name of Milton Eisenhower -- the vice-presidential surrogate listed on Anderson's Virginia petitions.

The petition filing in Richmond, more than a month ahead of the Sept. 5 deadline made Virginia the second area jurisdiction where Anderson's signature drive has been completed. In Maryland, Anderson's supporters filed an estimated 88,875 signatures with elections officials July 8.

Maryland law requires that one-third of an independent candidate's signature petitions must be submitted to elections officials by March 3. Anderson supporters seeking to overturn this law are scheduled to have the issue heard in federal court in Baltimore Monday at 10 a.m.

Anderson's supporters in the District expect to file their signature petitions Monday morning.