The FBI is investigating a shooting in Los Angeles as a possible attempt to assassinate an anti-Khomeini Iranian leader.

What at first appeared to be a routine curbside confrontation Thursday night between two men, which left one of them wounded, changed quickly after it became known that the victim is a 19-year-old Iranian student who was waiting outside the home of Cambyse Shah-Rais, leader of a Los Angeles-based anti-Knomeini group.

Shah-Rais had attended last week's funeral in Washington of Ali Akbar Tabatabai, the exiled Iranian diplomat and head of the anti-Khomeini Freedom Foundation of Iran, who was assassinated July 22 at his Bethesda, Md., home.

Because the gunman remained at large here today, investigators asked that the victim and the hospital where he was being treated not be identified.

According to officials, the Iranian student was waiting in his car outside Shah-Rais' home for a friend who was visiting inside when he noticed someone looking in the house's windows. The man then approached the car and demanded to know why the youth was there. A confrontation followed, in which the student was shot five times. He was in stable condition.