YOU MAY or may not already be a victim of overexposure to the Language of Government and all its attendant disincentives to initiate any remedial action about the dysfunction of gentrification. But there is no relief in sight, because for the next three months you will be hearing the Language of Campaigns.

As an example, anyone who is not very careful may fail to master the subtle by significant differences that distinguish the Federal Subsidy/Loan from the Federal Handout.

First, the activating spirits is important. In the case of the Subsidy/ Loan, what is intended is almost always a temporary partnership between the public sector and a productive member of the private sector. It goes with saying that the partnership will benefit the entire community.In the case of the Handout, the same community spirit is not necessarily present.

The second difference lies in the private sector representativs. In the case of the Subsidy/Loan, the government's partner is someone we all could admire and may have seen or read about in connection with his community work or civic interests. The handout party (not really a partner) does not generally get covered in the columns and has not said anything witty for attribution for several seasons.

But the sure-five way of telling whether the transaction is a subsidy or a handout is by the amount of the government's check. If it has, for example, more than six zeroes to the left of the decimal point, then you can bet the ranch that what you are looking at is a subsidy/Loan check. If the check has only two or three digits to the left of the decimal point, then you have spotted another Handout.

Finally, the Handout, even though it is much smaller than the Subsidy/ Loan, has a reportedly corrosive effect on the non-public party's character and self-respect. Nobody seems to worry about the character or the self-respect of the recipient of a Subsidy/Loan. Come to think of it, there hasn't been a single written expression of concern about the character of Mr. Iacocca or anyone else on the Chrysler board. Seems unfair.

Subsidy/Loan recipients do sometimes buy network commercials to tell us about themselves. Handout recipients never do.