Dictated for Thursday 2/22/79

"Ham [Hamilton Jordan, then White House Chief of Staff] came in to talk over with me that problems with Billy -- his health and his prospective additional visit to Libya." For Friday 2/23/79

"I talked to Billy, who's in the hospital. (Further discussion of his health problems.)

"We're also trying to work out some resolution of his financial problems. I told [Charles] Kirbo [presidential adviser] to protect Billy's interests in any negotiations concerning the warehouse or Billy's land. And I encouraged Sybil [Carter, Billy's wife] and Randy [Henry R. Coleman, Billy's friend] to discourage Billy from making any other trip to Libya; to try to keep him out of the newspapers for a few weeks; but let him regain his equilibrium." For Saturday 2/24/79

"I talked to Bert Lance this morning.He's to visit Billy this coming week, to encourage him to take care of his health, his finances and to stay away from Libya for a while." For Thursday 3/22/79

"Billy called from the hospital in Long Beach. He's very happy. Seemed to be getting along well. Wants to know how a possible future trip to Libya might affect me with Sadat and the Israelis." For Tuesday 4/3/79

"In the afternoon I . . . also talked to Billy. Told him it would be a mistake and embarrassment for him to go to Libya anytime soon. He said he was getting along fine, and it would take awhile to plan a trip even when he does want to go. That he would clear it with me before he made that decision."

(On this same date, the president sent his brother the handwritten letter.) For Tuesday, 11/20/79

"I told Zbig [Zbignew Brzezinski] to call Billy to follow up on his report that the Libyans might be willing to help us with the Iranian situation.

"Billy was at the White House, having come up at Zbig's invitation. I told him and Zbig to get together to discuss what message we might pass on to the Libyans." For Tuesday 11/27/79

"Lunch with Rosalynn. Billy came in, having talked to the Libyans. They are quite eager to help us. Proud of the fact that they comdemned the taking of hostages. And I arranged for Zbig to see the charge at 4:30 this afternoon.

"Billy had the Libyans' charge come over to meet with Zbig. The meeting was a very good one. I think for the first time the Libyans have ever been in the White House since I've been here. They promised to do everything possible with the students and with [Ayatollah] Khomeini to get the hostages released. We told them that we would like to have better relationships with the Libyans and with the government itself." For Thursday 12/6/79

"At the staff meeting we discussed . . . our altercation with Libya . . . "I instructed Zbig to have the Libyan charge come in, Ali Houderi. I had a good discussion with him, thanking Quadhafi [sic] for helping with the hostages. Telling him that the attack on our embassy was inexcusable and very serious to us. That if it was resolved successfully with an apology, a commitment to replace or repair the embassy, and his asurance that our diplomatic personnel would be protected -- under those circumstances that we would try in every way to improve consultations with Libya and long-range relations with them." For Tuesday 6/17/80

(The first paragraph of the note dealt with nominations for the jusdiciary and the Department of Justice.)

"He (Attorney General Civiletti) told me that Billy ought to acknowledge if he was an agent of Iraq (sic). There would be no punishment for him. But that Billy was unwilling to do so because he claims he was not an agent of that coutry."

(The balance of the note mentioned the attorney general's comment on the veracity and character of several of Hamilton Jordan's accusers in the Studio 54 cocaine charge.) For Saturday 6/28/80

"I talked to Billy about his helping Libya and his refusal to sign the foreign agents permit. He has the same lawyer that represented Hamilton recently, and doesn't believe that he needs to file. This can become an embarrassing incident later on, particularly with American Jews." For Tuesday 7/1/80

"I called Billy on the phone and urged him to sign the foreign agent certification concerning Libya. I don't know if he'll do it or not. He has been acting as their agent apparently. But considers himself to be singled out, especially by Jack Anderson and [New York Times columnist William] Safire -- which is probably true. His lawyers also advocating that he register and disavow any improper actions." For Monday 7/7/80

"Billy seems to be feeling very good. Not drinking. Tanned. Plays golf. Harassed by the government on the Libya deal." For Friday 7/11/80

"Lloyd Cutler called to say Billy had agreed to sign the Justice Department consent order on revealing his relationship with Libya, which is good news, I think." For Sunday 7/20/80

"Lloyd [Cutler, White House counsel] and Zbig called concerning Billy's relationship with Libya, and his contacts with the White House. I told them to research very careful the telephone logs and their records and prepare a complete report on what had been done. So far, as I could see, nothing improper has occurred." For Friday 7/22/80

"Lloyd and Jody [Powell, the president's press secretary] and Zbig worked on a statement to be issued today about Billy's relationship with Libya. We've tried to reconstruct all the contacts we've had with Billy during the last eight months. It's difficult to remember when the phone calls were made and when the meetings took place. But I think we've done an acurate job of it."