Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called on the world's Moslems yesterday to rise against what he called their own corrupt governments and return to the path of the Koran.

Such corrupt governments divide the Islamic world, he said in a speech to delegates at an international congress in Tehran on the subject of freeing Jerusalem from Israeli rule.

Saying Jerusalem was not the Moslems' only problem, he cited situations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq that he attributed mostly to the regimes' obedience either to the Soviest Union or the United States.

Meanwhile, a Home Office spokesman said in London that 68 Iranian students on hunger strike in British jails have ended their protest.

Their decision to resume eating normally followed a five-hour visit to London's Brixton Prison by the Iranian charge d'affaires, who had he promised to issue a statement later condemning police handling of the protest. The students were protesting treatment of their counterparts in earlier demonstrations in Washington.

In Rome, sources in the Salesian Order said Iran had ordered all Catholic clergy to leave within a month. The sources quoted by United Press International said they believed the reported demand was related to the Italian arrest of 22 Iranian students during their battle Friday with the Vatican's Swiss Guards in St. Peter's Square. The Iranians Friday were demanding papal action against the United States.