Following are excerpts from the minority reports adopted this week as part of the Democratic Party platform: Minority Report 3

The following language should be inserted . . . in place of the paragraph entitled "Antirecession Assistance."

Immediately, we must undertake a short-term antirecession program to reverse the tide of deepening recession and rising unemployment. Each percentage point increase in the unemployment rate adds $25 billion to the federal deficit.

A Democratic antirecession program must recognize that blacks, Hispanics, other minorities, women and older workers bear the brunt of recession. We pledge a $12 billion antirecession jobs program, providing at least 800,000 additional jobs, including full funding of the countercyclical assistance program for the cities, a major expansion of the youth employment and training program to give young people in our inner cities new hope, expanded training programs for women and displaced homemakers to give these workers a fair chance in the workplace and new opportunities for the elderly to contribute their talents and skills.

Coupling our need to rehabilitate our railroads with the need to create new job opportunities, we must commit ourselves to a $1 billion railroad renewal program which can employ 20,000 workers.

We must take steps to restore the housing industry, including effective implementation of the Brooke-Cranston program, and the addition of 200,000 new units a year for low- and moderate-income families. Minority Report 9

The following language should be inserted . . .

This jobs policy -- and the need to guarantee a job for every American who is able to work -- is our single highest domestic priority, and will take precedence over all other domestic priorities. Minority Report 10

The following language should be inserted . . .

The Democratic Party shall withhold financial support and technical campaign assistance from candidates who do not support ERA. Minority Report 11

The following language should be inserted . . .

The Democratic Party recognizes reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right. We therefore oppose government interference in the reproductive decisions of Americans, especially those government programs or legislative restrictions that deny poor Americans their right to privacy by funding or advocating one or a limited number of reproductive choices only.

Specifically, the Democratic Party opposes involuntary or uninformed sterilization for women and men, and opposes restrictions on funding for health services for the poor that deny poor women especially the right to exercise a constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy.