The Star Spangled Banner waves over the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, but the national anthem singing its praise has been silenced in the base movie theater.

An angry Adm. Charles Gurney III, saying "the punks won," earlier this summer stopped the music at the movie house because the anthem usually drew catcalls and boos from some in the audience.

"This is the end of the national anthem at Ross Auditorium Theater for as long as I'm commander here," he declared.

A public information officer, Lt. Cherie Davis, said no one is sure why the audience began jeering when the anthem was played in the darkened theater before the evening feature began.

"It's kind of strange that people expect people in service should have one standard of conduct and the civilian population should have another," she said. "People have been brought up in the civilian community this way. You've seen them at sporting events. They jeer, they slouch, they talk, they throw popcorn and spit during the national anthem."

Lt. Davis said recruits in basic training are not allowed to attend the theater, but personnel in the technical training school, the base staff and their dependents are. There are 27,000 servicemen and civilian employes on the base.